Kenny Frost

Kenny is actively involved in the protection of sacred sites of the Ute people in Colorado. He is consider by the Native people in Denver as the authority of the lands of Colorado. Kenny has presented numerous lectures to Native American designers during the design, construction and building phase and how it sits within native landscapes. He has served as an inspirational speaker for Native children, Native organizations, drug and alcohol groups. He has conducted training to federal/state/para-archaeologist, college’s and universities and assisted in the identification of sacred sites, burial sites and other sites of significance. He is actively involved in training  Native tribes in the use of federal laws regarding Indian Law, treaties, Natural resources, Indian Education and serves as the Ute liaison to federal agencies dealing with the Ute tribes. He is also the Sun dance chief and spiritual leader of the Ute tribe. and is consider a healer by both Native and non-Native people. 

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