Elevate is simply the most valuable symposium in terms of how we relate to each other and the planet on which we live. At this symposium participants will develop a unique understanding of how business and individuals need to function in this new environmentally focused world. 

Resources are diminishing; individuals are becoming disconnected with each other and the natural environment.

The Time Is Now - come and learn from the experts at the Elevate Symposium how best to coexist and prosper in this ever-changing landscape. 

With the ideas shared at this conference you will take back to your organization or home a fresh approach and understanding of how to be a better partner in this new interconnected world.

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Thought + Action = Change

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About Elevate 2013

This year's Elevate Symposium will be held in the beautiful Town of Vail and promises to be even more thought provoking than the issues we explored in 2012. With key note presenter Pavan Sukhdev, author of Corporate 2020, we will explore how corporations can discover, measure, value and manage their impacts on natural and human capital. 

Pavan's background:

  • Visiting fellow at Yale university where he was awarded the 2011 McCluskey Fellowship; 
  • Special Advisor and Head of UNEP's Green Economy initiative; 
  • Study Leader of the G8+5 commissioned project on The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB); 
  • Appointed to lead TEEB by the EU Commission and Germany and delivered it's interim report while still working full time for Deutsche Bank;
  • Speaker at the World Economic Forum meetings at Davos in 2010 and 2011 and 
  • On the boards of Conservation International and the Stockholm Resilience Centre. 

The Five Pillars For Prosperity
  • Restoration of the Natural Environment:

  • Understanding the Real Economics of our Consuming World:

  • An Interface of Design between the Built and Natural Environment:

  • Governance and Leadership:

  • Cultural and Historical Connectivity:

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